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What is faith without work?

Posted on July 04th 2017

FaithWhat would be the purpose and meaning of life living it was supposed to be free and effortless? Imagine the existence of life and its experience without faith. What would it be like. Where would the means to live come from? Who would be that generous to create value and surrender it to sometimes ungrateful people like me and perhaps you.


"Great reflection. Without Faith life becames selfish. Not just in the religious sense but life forming, a causation driving individual agency and vice versa in random order. As external ( faith in others and other forces) and internal ( faith in one self) to the individual, faith is the motive force inextricably flowing between the individual and society in no particular order. When some are disappionting as many politicians today, others will appoint you as they aspire for change and carry only with their faith. Yes, faith the substance of this hoped for, yet not seen. An example of such faith was one mortal women: My bones will rise again. This statenent was made even as her male compatriots were capitulating. And of course; the eternal promise: In my Father's house, there are many mansions.

The difference between faith and reason is that the former relies on selective judgement, the latter unreserved consideration beyond the subject of reason whether individuals, groups or nations. It cannot be patented or owned to the exclusion of others but it can be shared. Faith is the testament that gives testimony." - Jonathan Muringani

What is your take?? 


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