"Invest in the change you want to see"

- Mutumwa Mawere -

Zimbabwe 2008 – The politics of change – the Makoni Factor

Posted on February 08th 2008

An election marks a defining stage in any nation but 29 March 2008 represents not only a landmark day but also a significant turning point in the history of post-colonial Zimbabwe. 

If one accepts that no change is change one can easily appreciate why President Mugabe's name is on the ballot.  Even his most ardent and diminishing supporters would agree that Zimbabwe is at the crossroads and a better day is awaiting it. 


The last 8 years have failed to produce the kind of change that the country required to lift it up instead the political and economic crisis has worsened.  It is generally agreed that the political stalemate of the last 8 years is a reflection of a leadership deficit that is characteristic of many post colonial states in which fear is the optimal currency used to regulate and manage political behaviour under the guise of consensus and nation building.

Two political parties, the MDC and ZANU-PF led by Morgan Tsvangirai and President Mugabe, respectively, have dominated the political scene over the last 8 years and it is generally accepted that national interest has been sacrificed for political expediency and as a result the frontiers of poverty and hopelessness have increased and not diminished.

I have no doubt that both President Mugabe and Tsvangirai would agree that Zimbabwe deserves better than the kind of leadership they have provided over the last 8 years.  While it is arguable whether it would be fair to compare Tsvangirai with President Mugabe given that the former has sought courageously to put his life on the line to bring the language of change at the forefront of political discourse, it must be accepted that the MDC has dismally failed to provide an alternative to the ZANU-PF way of doing things.

It would be grossly unfair if the history of Zimbabwe failed to acknowledge the efforts of MDC and its divided factions in helping expose the policy and leadership bankruptcy of ZANU-PF.  However, it must be acknowledged also that rightly Zimbabweans feel let down by the amateurish prosecution of the change agenda and the obvious lack of cohesion and sense of purpose displayed by the leaders of the change project.

The urgency of change cannot be overstated, as is the need to find a viable vehicle for delivering such transformation.  Zimbabwe is pregnant and it is obvious that ZANU-PF has also invested in change in so far as it has failed to deliver on the Zimbabwean promise and its leader, President Mugabe, must be held culpable for failing to lift the country to new a destination of opportunity and hope. 

Due to the fact that Zimbabwe has not known of any other leader than President Mugabe, one has to start a review of his administration from 1980.  When one looks back at the journey, one cannot overlook the manmade disasters and policy confusion, corruption, mismanagement and above all the arrogance of absolute power. 

There are many who believe in the face of the most debilitating crisis and exodus of the country's brain trust that they can bury their heads in the comfort of ZANU-PF desert sand ignoring that the future of the entire population is at stake and time for games is over.  Equally, there is a belief in the opposition that only the actors on stage have the monopoly of reason and have what it takes to remove the cancer. 

The election date is now known and thanks to SADC, MDC and ZANU-PF were reunited into co-sponsoring the constitutional and legal changes that were deemed to be problematic for any transition and electoral legitimacy.  The election date is real and so are the choices available to Zimbabweans. 

It is significant that President Mugabe sought and obtained a democratic endorsement from his party and not many of his adversaries can claim the same.  What is refreshing is that a new factor has emerged in the form of Dr. Simba Makoni who has been persuaded to throw his name in the ring. 

The timing of his entrance into the political theatre is significant not only because he waited to allow the MDC factions to come to an inescapable conclusion that they have no consensus leader but also after ZANU-PF had failed to find a leader that can look Zimbabweans in the eye and proclaim that he is offering change that citizens can believe in.

Makoni did not choose the easy rode of enveloping himself into political parties and then finding himself behaving undemocratically like many opposition parties who wanted to cut a deal to protect their incumbency ahead of the people of Zimbabwe as well as change the constitution under the cover of SADC mediated talks.  Surely, it would be unfair to conclude that MDC was not party to the legislation passed during the last 8 years that many find rightly draconian and abhorrent to the extent that President Mbeki had to intervene to make the parliament of Zimbabwe work again.

Makoni has made the right decision to stand as an independent because Zimbabwe urgently needs a new direction and if anything, the last 28 years have demonstrated that the fate of a country can be manipulated by one individual even when the institutional framework exists for a democratic constitutional order.  One cannot argue that the parliament of Zimbabwe has been effective in protecting the interests of the country and, if anything, no change will be meaningful if such change does not result in a change of the head of state.

Gono has already exposed that Zimbabwe can no longer claim to have a constitutional order in that the budget under his stewardship of the RBZ is no longer a vehicle for allocating national resources.  Even the opposition who have been a constant feature of the state as parliamentarians must accept the responsibility for creating a situation where the state has become privatised.

Ordinarily, if all the current members of parliament loved Zimbabwe they would not have offered themselves for re-election after failing the people of Zimbabwe in providing the critical role of oversight.  Many have accepted the existence of corruption in Zimbabwe and yet the parliament of Zimbabwe has failed to expose the true nature of corruption and, if anything, many of them have already been accommodated in the gravy train presenting a challenge for any post-Mugabe leader. 

Some have argued that Makoni is not a principal but for him to succeed; he necessarily needs the protection of ZANU-PF heavyweights while accepting that such so-called heavyweights have failed to provide the kind of leadership required to lift up Zimbabwe.  Does Makoni really need such so-called heavyweights?  Do Zimbabweans need a new face to symbolise the kind of change they want to see?  Does Makoni represent the face of change? 

Makoni's patience must be acknowledged and it just goes to demonstrate that he has thought long and hard about the challenge before Zimbabwe.  He needs and deserves the support of all the people of Zimbabwe who rightly have been disillusioned by the many messengers of hope who have turned out to be no better than the people they purported to be fighting against.

Does Zimbabwe need five more years of political bickering?  The political environment in polarised and will remain so if this is left to President Mugabe and his long time rivalries.  The macroeconomic regression will continue unabated so will the future of Zimbabwe be condemned into a cul de sac.  The challenge of restoring legitimacy is before Zimbabwe and I am not convinced that either President Mugabe or Tsvangirai will be able to deliver the kind of economic revival, national reconciliation, regional stability and more importantly remove the country from its pariah status.

At some stage, I had underestimated Makoni's courage to subject himself to the rough and tumble of Zimbabwean politics of recriminations but I must give it to him for taking Zimbabwe first in his agenda.  We can only support such courage and I do hope that anyone who wants to see change in Zimbabwe will take Makoni as his project. 

Ibbo Mandaza has earned my respect for having the courage and vision of standing up while we all chose to be arm-chair revolutionaries.  I have no doubt that Mandaza played a key part in helping convince Makoni to offer himself for abuse.  Some will ask legitimately about who is behind Makoni.  Please count me in for in him I see hope and it would be naïve for me to expect him to make hope possible while I choose to pontificate about my role in making tomorrow a brighter day.

No change will come out of its own.  I have been impressed by Obama's ability to communicate the urgency of now in the context of America and help make the most improbable thing in American history become probable.  Can you imagine that in one month his campaign raised US$32 million from ordinary people hungry for change?  I have no doubt that Zimbabweans will rise up to the challenge and dig deep into their pockets to invest in the kind of change they want to see in Zimbabwe.  Makoni does not need any political heavyweight but needs the financial support and above all the vote on 29 March 2008.

Can you imagine if every Zimbabwean in the diaspora and anyone interested in seeing a different Zimbabwe were to sacrifice one meal for change in Zimbabwe, what a difference it will make to the Makoni candidature.  It is never too late to make the investment.  I will start with my own R1,000 rand and all I need is to find a bank that will take the money to Zimbabwe for Makoni and the many prospective parliamentarians who stand for a new Zimbabwe. 

Together we can make a difference and construct a new garment of change fortressed by a common thread of hope.  Anyone interested in this project, please indicate your appetite for change by registering your voice on my website:


Comments by Patience Mazvita (2008-02-08 03:08:07) from Zimbabwe

Hello Mutumwa,
I have been very impressed by your weekly columns on the newzimbabwe website but this week\'s column has been very inspirational. There is no doubt that history has a place for our now aged President Mugabe and time for change has come. My views for change are not a result of hate of the person of the President, far from it. My views are purely based on the fact that the time for change has arrived in Zimbabwe. Simba Makoni brings that ray of hope for change needed to turn the fortunes of our country. He should not get the support from the so called heavyweights in Zanu PF. The support for Simba must come from us ordinary Zimbabweans. There is very little time to get that support going that he needs to start the nationwide campaigns for Presidency. Barack Obama is not achieving what he has achieved on his own, the people around him, the ordinary people that are donating towards his campaign are the ones that are driving his campaign, why can\'t we do the same for Simba Makoni. You, Mutumwa can be the conduit for this support, you have nothing to lose, you have already fallen out with the current government and you can be the source of all the diaspora donations needed to fuel Simba\'s campaign. Why not use your website to get people to donate for Simba\'s Presidential campaign. We in the diaspora surely are barred to vote by the constitution but this is our opportunity to have our voice heard by any little GBP, USD, AUD, ZAR or whatever amounts we can put in. Surely you have the organisational abilities that have been proven by your business acumen over the years to be able to get this money accross to Zimbabwe somehow and oil the machinery needed to take Simba to the state house. We don\'t want Simba to rely on donations and funding from other interested countries that are not Zimbabweans themselves for we know these interests do not serve us ordinary Zimbabweans but their own agendas.

Rise up and get this going. Together we can bring a New Zimbabwe. Please note that I do not want my name published, I would injure my Dad\'s feelings, he does not believe in getting involved in politics and I don\'t want to get involved in politics and moreso I do not want to injure my Dad\'s feelings. I am just going to lend my support by donating the little that I can save each week once you can come forward, just as Simba did, and put a facility in place for Zimbabweans in the diaspora to channel these donations. You will have played a key role to bring the hope that we are all praying for our country. I could not think of anyone else who is well known and can be trusted by the majority of Zimbabweans in the diaspora and better placed than yourself to carry this ernormous task to deliver the change we need. I can phone you if you want me to further explain why I think this is worth the sacrifice of a meal per week for every Zimbabwean in the diaspora.

Thank you for reading this rather long and winded email. I am no good writer and I have never participitated in a discussion of this nature before nor have I ever been involved in politics. I hope this is my first and only involvement in something of a political nature.


Comments by Emmanuel (2008-02-08 03:34:19) from Canada

Count me in.

Comments by THOKOZILE LUNGA (2008-02-08 03:43:56) from ?

Hi Mr Mawere,

Thank you very much for your article in the online publication

The Makoni project is for every Zimbabwean, and we are very much delighted that Dr Makoni has fullfilled the wishes of a lot of Zimbabweans, who have been for a long time asking why he was not challenging for the top job.

Everyone I have so far spoken to, to hear their views about Makoni for President are in cloud nine, jovial that he has now taken the move. People from all walks of life, Zanu Pf, MDC men and women. Not even one has reservations.

Surprisingly there is not even more that we have seen so far, interms of an official website, other links, relevant people to communicate with, How those interested in making this a reality can help, in whatever way, campaigning or material support. We have heard of Dr Ibbo Mandaza and Major Kudzai Mbudzi, we do not even have their emails to communicate with them or any contacts and offer our services.

In your article, there is reference to your website, which I have visited but there is no where to register our views or comments, etc.There isn't much time left, all corners of Zimbabwe should know of his candidature.

Cheers THOKO

Comments by James July (2008-02-08 03:44:54) from Zimbabwe

Good evening. I would want to express similar sentiments about the urgent need to change the status quo in Zimbabwe. I am ready to join and fight alongside Makoni but there is one dilemma – it seems the man does not or he has not yet made the announcement of how he is going to go about MPs for his project. I come from Chiredzi myself, right in the middle of the bush which has been divided into four constituencies and I can beat any goon that Zanu PF will field. I have been asked to stand for MP by the people in my home area, but only refused because they wanted me to stand for Zanu PF in Chiredzi West. The idea was to mobilize the masses and have a clean sweep; the whole 4 seats because there is so much disgruntlement among the people with the Zanu PF apparatchiks.

The MDC, while I respect them for having the courage to start an opposition are doubtful starters and as you know are so divided and are confusing the people.

You might not know me but I worked for AA Mines at Gaths Mine and I am now at Bindura Nickel Corporation where I am the Corporate Affairs Manager.

Good day to you


James July

Comments by Lovemore Nyatsine (2008-02-08 03:45:58) from SA

Mukoma Mutumwa

Great and stirring piece!

Count me in too. I went to your website , but I can find where I can put my comments.

I also would like to make my small financial contribution. I am based in RSA. I am even thinking of starting a dedicated Blog or website to promote this noble initiative. Maybe we can discuss more about this.

God bless you, God bless Makoni, God bless Zimbabwe.


Lovemore Nyatsine

Comments by Joachim Mahati (2008-02-08 03:47:19) from UK

Mr Mawere,

I am very impressed by your article on New Zimbabwe website titled 'Who is behind Makoni? Please count me in!' Your article rightly addresses a lot of issues, the very important is for patriotic Zimbabweans to rally behind the candidature of Dr Simba Makoni. You draw a lot of parallels with the emergence of Obama which hold. I see the coming of a new era which will see a lot of Zimbabweans suffering in Diaspora returning home. May I add that it is important for Dr Makoni to have a website which he can communicate effectively and directly to the people in Diaspora and to Zimbabweans who are denied free press. I hope you can communicate the urgency of this matter, that will help in raising funds and dissemination of information. A donation of £5 from about 500,0000 Zimbabweans in UK can generate £2.5m.


Joachim Mahati

Comments by Olinda Nyaradzai (2008-02-08 03:48:18) from ?

I was impressed by your article on samba makoni’s move. I really want to help him secure votes, how can I help him do this

Olinda Nyaradzai

Comments by Obed Mubaiwa (2008-02-08 03:49:43) from uk

You have expreesed yourself well and i am happy you are behind SIMBA. He could be our redeemer. Could you please give me an account so that i can im my liitle way support the cause

Comments by SIMBA (2008-02-08 03:50:56) from AUSTRALIA


Comments by FLORENCE MUDONI (2008-02-08 04:03:00) from UNITED KINGDOM

Dear Mr Mawere

I write with so much excitement and hope that the time for change is now .Thank you for being the torch bearer for all the Zimbabweans in the diaspora.I am ready to drive the funding campaign ,just want know where to tell people to deposit the money for Simba to start this challenging journey.Simba needs everyone's support.We the diasporians can cast our votes by giving the financial help that Simba needs .
I have been waiting and watching Simba for a longtime and i strongly support his gesture.Zimbabwe needs an urgent rescuing mission and i think Simba has done well to challenge the geriatric president.Zimbabweans diserve better leaders we are a hard working peace loving nation who has been dispalced and reduced to economic refugees by one man.I believe the time for change is now .Lets all rally behind this respected man and vote for him.If we could all donate £10 each from the UK ,I BELIEVE THE MONEY WILL GO A LONG WAY IN HELPING IN THE CAMPAIGN STRATEGY.WELL DONE SIMBA MAKONI AND MAY ALL THE PEOPLE OF ZIMBABWE SEE THE SENSE AND SUPPORT YOUR GESTURE!

Comments by morgan chokwenda (2008-02-08 04:15:47) from united kingdom

Interesting article on Dr S Makoni's courageous stance,but is it not premature for us to start celebrating before he tells us exactly what he wants to offer us?For God's sake do not give him any money yet ,he is Zanu Pf and has been looting just like all of them after all ,but i agree with you just like the proverbial drowning man who clings to anything ,even a serpent,anything that resembles change is welcome .

Comments by mumhu 4 munhu (2008-02-08 04:26:29) from UK

Yes, me too, count me in. the hour has come. Dawn has broken. Enough is enough. nguva yakwana.

Comments by Duma Duma (2008-02-08 05:24:41) from UK

The Makoni ticket is a very interesting one. We are however still waiting to hear more from him, Makoni. I have talked to a lot of pewople about this project, many people are actually interested in participating , and are just awaitning for more information. The situation in Zimbabwe is what is called the urgency of now. Change is needed desperately.
The Makoni project looks good. We need change and political stability as well, something that the MT movement can not offer.
I wish Makoni and the principled Mutambara MDC faction can join forces.
Count me in if this is real. Have been waiting for something like this fo a longtime.

Comments by Banta Makuto (2008-02-08 05:46:54) from USA

Count me in

Comments by Doug Ganyamatope wekuDewedzo (2008-02-08 05:58:58) from Australia

History has a special place for you too my dear brother. Say what?, you are a voice of the voiceless and your various articles have inspired me from the word GO!. You even indirectly inspired me to go to school while in the wilderness. YES! I am ready to come back home and make a small difference.
You know what, one day we are going to meet and i will tell you, 'Ndini Doug wekuDewedzo wacho'. As for Dr. Simba, God will do as he did to Davis against king Saul. Remember dont touch the annointed of the Lord for God will not like it, even in their 'after-best-by-date'.

Comments by dlamini (2008-02-08 06:23:42) from USA

Hello Mawere

While i believe neither Tsvangirai nor Mutambara have what it takes to rule Zimbabwe, I believe Makoni is just not an option. The guy is a coward and an opportunist, perhaps as opportunistic as you are.

He is just not the right candidate for the top job and should be rejected by Zimbabweans with the contempt he deserved. I believe its your democratic right to be one of Makoni's handlers and cheer leaders but please give us a break with this guy.

Inyoka yinyoka even ungaze uyiqume ikhanda and serve it for a meal.


Comments by Max N. Mhlanga (2008-02-08 07:35:23) from Canada

Personally I have been frustrated for a long time by the kind of politics that both Zanu and MDC has so far offered us Zimbabweans and as someone who loves his country of birth and appreciates the oppurtunities it offers us, if properly governed, I offer both my moral and material support for Makoni and the noble ideals which we want him to embody.
I anxiously await full details as to how to express this support in tangible fashion.
For once this is change we can really believe in.

Comments by moyo (2008-02-08 09:57:10) from UAE

i read your article, i can only say please count me in also, i am ready to contribute in a a small way

Comments by taruvinga (2008-02-08 10:32:48) from Afghanistan

I have been reading your articles for sometime but surely for change to happen we have to participate I know what happened to you and you also know why we are here.but we always say for how long will be here channelling money into the black, supporting the rich, without making any meaniingfull investment into our country and thats giving back to the soilthat natured so for us change to come we need to get organised and participat. Just think they 3million of us in the diaspora if we had a normal govt and send US300 into the formal banking system it will be 900million a month this will make adifference but with Mugabe he takes all.

Comments by Tirikushanda NaSimba (2008-02-09 01:05:24) from ZIMBABWE

Hie Mutumwa , thank you for what u have started , we all need to work hard for the next 40days to make sure that the change we want will come .....due to security reasons i have used that name but if anyone want more details please email me on this email address and i will respond promtly to all information requests.
I have left my job to work for the team that will bring change so if u want full details u email me


Comments by B Samson (2008-02-09 01:17:29) from South Africa

Firstly, thanks Mutumwa for the contribution you make in shaping not just Zim politics but Africa at large by writing every monday on Your 2008 opening article (Be the change you want to see) was so invigorating. I am as well excited and impressed by Simba Makoni's bravery to quit the dreaded Zanu pf and throw in his name against Mugabe. It shows how a lot of Zimbabweans are desperate to have a flourishing nation come to life again as early as now.

Secondly count me in supporting Dr Makoni.

Lastly, I have one question or concern that I would want us to collectively address: How do we actively participate (not by just emotional comments or just financial donations without strategy and execution plan) to ensure that we do all that is necessary for Simba Makoni to win the election? It's one thing to have him stand and its another thing to get people to vote for him to win the election. Financial donations is a good starting point but what is the action plan? Is there any structure setup? Are there any meetings going on so that we can attend, throw ideas, strategise and excute?

Comments by Tiffah (2008-02-09 01:18:44) from Zimbabwe

Who said we can not do it, this time we are gonna do it.We no longer can afford to exist in a country full of abundance where the only limits to our potential are the ones we place on ourselves...!!

I am in and staring at victory..!!

Comments by ngonjo (2008-02-09 01:31:19) from uk

As always your articles dont disappoint.Initially i said yes to the MAKONI PROJECT but afterr somne thought,hope events prove me wrong,i beg to differ.I recognise the big picture for change but 2 weeks ago MAKONI was meeting MUGABE saying that he is ZANU through and through and will support his presidency,he even submitted papers to contest a constituency.Now he said he want to run as an independasnt!No disrespect i think he is a very intelligent and respectble gentleman but the problem have,like some fellow countrymen i spoke to is trust.He was in the POLIT sthing,the highest decsionmaking body for ZANU and refuses to acknowledge that he has been booted out!We need change,a complete break from ZANU,TSVANGI is not the best either but i would rather vote for him.PEACE MY BROTHER

Comments by Chido (2008-02-09 02:36:31) from UK, Zimbabwe

Simba is a good man. He is sober and has clarity of thought. He has a reassuring look. He has a genuine smile and I have no doubt that if he joined hands with the genuine pro-democracy movements our country can be healed. I just have a couple of questions:
1. What does Simba stand for?
2. Who are his backers in ZANU-PF and what role did they play in grave violations of human rights in the last seven years?
3. By attacking the MDC are you not blaming the victims of 7 years of ZANU-PF orgy of violence, disinformation and pillaging of our economy?

I have neither been a member of the MDC or ZANU-PF. However, I have witnessed the suffering of MDC, WOZA, NCA, ZINASU leaders, supporters and other perceived opponents of President Mugabe. These people have survived torture, arbitrary arrest and unlawful detention, starved in the rural areas.

In 2005, over 700,000 people had their homes or livelihoods or both destroyed during Operation Murambatsvina. In the 1980s between 10,000 and 20,000 people were either killed or disappeared under Operation Gukurahundi in Matabeleland and part of the Midlands. Today, thousands of families in Zimbabwe do not even know where their next meal will come from. All this was done by ZANU-PF collectively. I do not remember hearing any strong criticism from within ZANU-PF. It's not like they didn't know. Most of the top leaders of ZANU-PF have satellite television, so they cannot say they were misled by the Herald or ZBC radio and television. SABC, Al Jazeera, CNN, BBC, were reporting the violence.

I suspect some of Simba's backers were responsible for some of the attrocities.

Simba, like Jonathan, Rex and others including should start by asking for forgiveness. I believe that if they publicly state genuine regret and ask for forgiveness Zimbabweans will embrace them even though they plugged their ears refusing to acknowledge their cries for help. Men, women, children suffered and even died. Do you remember Talent Mabika and Tichaona Chiminya in Buhera who were killed by people who are known and one of them is rumoured to be working at the Zimbabwean embassy in Lusaka, Zambia.

Mutumwa and others, you are asking Zimbabweans to just dump the leaders who stood against very difficult obstacles put in place by some of the people you funded in 2000 and 2002. Surely you can do more that R1000. I would expect at least R1 million before you ask the diaspora who have been struggling to keep together the bodies and souls of relatives in Zimbabwe.

Walk the walk Mukoma. I will be the first one to shake your hand in the new Zimbabwe.


Comments by Mdluli. (2008-02-09 03:03:08) from Botswana

The emergence of Dr Simba Makoni as the presidential aspirant provides us with a great opportunity to dislodge Robert Mugabe. Mugabe is a known traitor who has killed so many innocent people and is not worth to be called the president of our country. While some would like to call the Makoni project an internal intelligence job by ZANU PF to try and split the opposition vote, I beg to differ. Simba Makoni provides us with the option that we didn't have. With Morgan Tsvangirai clearly showing us that he is devoid of the democratic principles that his MDC claims to represent, we are better off with Makoni than Tsvangirai or Mutambara. Tsvangirai has not just failed to lead the opposition but has also failed to uphold the democratic principles of the MDC and cannot make any better a leader than Mugabe as the two have shown the same amount of greed that makes Mugabe cling onto power. On the other hand Makoni is an intellectual who is capable of turning our economy around and save us from the misery that the Mugabe regime hs subjected us to.If recent press reports are anything to go by the victory is certain. All that is important at this moment is for alll like minded peoplr from both ZANU PF and the opposition to rally behind Makoni and I tell you, victory is certain. Tis is indeed the time to get reed of this ruthless regime. I am definitely going home to vote.

Comments by Andrew (2008-02-09 03:21:42) from London

Dear all.
I agree with the initiative started bu Mr Mawere. I am a great supporter of change. and for Change to take place , it will take courage and loads of money...The Obama wauy of raising funds is astounding...hence, A clear message to all who want to contribute and channels of contribution need to be established, because time is not on our side..and the guys we are dealing with have enough of the money to spare..

I AM IN.....

Comments by Mr. A. D. Mwanza (Unofficial Ambassador of Zimbabwe) (2008-02-09 04:11:36) from Dublin, Ireland

Dear Mr. Mawere

Tahnk you for this opportunity. I am an International Business student and I can see a new Zimbabwe in the making. I'm really excited about this development,the people of Zimbabwe, will have more than one option for a presidential candidate. But only one can save us, 'The Doctor of Economics'. Having lived in a nation where the ordinary citizens are given vast opportunities to exercise their freedom of choice, I just feel that change is on the horizon for our Beloved Beautiful Zimbabwe.

This the hope that young lads like myself need to take on challenges. I am 101% behind the Makoni Factor. I have admired the genious since I was in high school, there is no doubt that this is the chosen one. Zimbabweans time has come and we have a president, at long last. Viva Zimbabwe! I have always said that everyone has a role to play, on our feet, with our hands, on our knees, on our backs, we all have to play our part. Indeed be the change that you want to see. As Obama has said, change we can believe in and not only that does Dr Makoni have the ability to bring about real change Zimbabwe, ... we too should believe in ours..."This year is really unique," We all thought March 29 would nail the opposition(Tsvangirai) down and it has not done that yet and will not nail opposition(Makoni).

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a courageous person such as this Dr. Makoni, a party rebel Simba Makoni dares to stand against Robert Mugabe in the name of the people. No offence to Mr. Tsvangirayi.

The nation faces many serious challenges: the very real threat of economic struggles, corruption, health-care, and energy woes. Surmounting these obstacles will require intelligence and strong leadership. Dr. Makoni's intelligence is proven, and his leadership, while largely untested, seems constructed of the necessary elements. One is good character and above all courage. Another is the ability to unify people, he has not done much yet but the talking on the ground across the political divide is awesome-a quality he has displayed already in this challenge.

What Dr. Makoni offers Zimbabwe is a vision that transcends thumping the machine and an eloquence that inspires even those disquieted by his views. He is the decidedly better choice for Zimbabweans on March 29. Dr Makoni, who is untainted by the corruption and brutality associated with 'the party' is our only hope...

Thank you Dr Makoni for having the courage to kick start the change we want. I'll remember you and all Zimbabweans in my prayers...

Comments by mhazi murovasango (2008-02-09 04:57:48) from Sudan

I have been following Simba since 1980 and I always thot he was presidential material and yes he still is.Count me in as well Mr.Mawere.Taimbova paShabani tose

Comments by P Makoni (2008-02-09 05:12:05) from Scotland

Spot on Mr Mawere. Zimbabwe has been through hell for too long and now for the first time in over twenty years, better days are coming. Like many, I must participate in this project but shouldn\'t Makoni come out and tell us of his vision before we chip in financially?

Comments by Mutumwa Mawere (2008-02-09 05:44:14) from South Africa

I agree with you that Zimbabwe has been hell for too long but you will agree with me that the responsibility for lifting up the country and shaping the future should and must not rest on Makoni alone. All the friends of Zimbabwe have a responsibility to invest in the change they want to see. The future belongs to those who refuse to allow themselves to be passengers in the train of change. Just imagine you when you wake up on the 30th and reflect on the outcome of the elections only to find out that the changes that you want to see were not in place. Who would you blame? It is never too late to do the right thing. Your support can make the difference but even if Makoni were to lecture you on his vision I think you will agree that change must come. Zimbabweans have wasted the last 8 years bickering instead of looking forward and energising people to register and vote. The vote can be the most potent weapon against dictators but many would rather be cynical and surrender into believing that they have no power. The real power we have is the power to organise. Let us focus on the task ahead. Change requires agents and imagine you chose to be one such instrument and 50 years from now when future generations look back what do you think they will say about our generation. We must make choices that place Zimbabwe above our personal interests. There is more that connect us and enjoins us to work together to finish the job. Zimbabwe is pregnant and there are only 48 days left to deliver the baby. The new Zimbabwe belongs to all.

Comments by Mutumwa Mawere (2008-02-09 05:48:57) from South Africa

Those who fired up and ready to go must take the bull by the horns and stand up for what they believe in. Please be patient while we organise the banking arrangements to collect the funds for change. The bank of hope needs your support. Any contribution will add to the momentum.

Comments by Mbuya Rennie (2008-02-09 05:53:47) from UK

What I dont understand is the sudden U-Turn by almost everyone to believe that Simba will definately outshine Mugabe at the polls. Yesterday, we were all believing that ZanuPF always rigs elections! Have we all been lying against ZanuPF then? What measures has Simba now put into place that assures us that Zanu will not rig this time, is it just because we are blinded? For now, I will not pledge any support financial support towards his campaign. What has he personally done to help the suffering Zimbabweans?

Comments by john mareka (2008-02-09 06:21:05) from Zimbabwe

VaMawere please enjoy your rands and forget about Makoni. I have seen a deep problem with this guy you are talking of. Ask your self some questions before you praise these guy.
1. Simba wanted to be a ZANU PF candidate in the very elections for Makoni the he is stopped.
2. MDC unity fails,
3. Mugabe advises Simba to take stoke of the MDC vote.
4. We have surfered for yeas with people like Simba and company supporting Mugabe dayin day out.
5. Morgen has been with the people through thick and thin, while you and the rest of the Diaspora Zimbabweans are quick to point to his weakness.
6. Voting will be done by us in the country so we will vote for those we had in the struggle not the chances and Doctors or professors not now.
7. If Simba is for the people why was he cherishing the system for so long.
8. Let Morgen clear the road he started afterall his intended new constitution will make it is for us to remove him if he mess.

Dziva idyayi mari yenyu kana kubetsera kufeeder maZimba ari kupiwa Chikafu neMachurch mu SouthAfrica.

Isu ve New Zimbabwe to mbopa Morgen bofu matomhu after all the learned Technocratic cabinate of Mugabe spoiled every thing, when the uneducated guys like Muzenda we there it was far much better.

Sarai Zvakanaka Save

John wePaGweru

Comments by Moses Gadaga (2008-02-09 06:49:22) from Zimbabwe

Taura hako John.
VaMawere kana muchida zvekudzoka kumusha mhanyai ne vanhu MT anevanhu saka mari will donothing now except kuti Simba na Ibbo vadye zvavo.

Vana Ibbo vaiPururudzira Mugabe zurouno we can`t be fooled.

Moses Bulawayo

Comments by tyrone (2008-02-09 07:02:18) from uk

I am tired of life here when i was born there , i wait to see what help i can contribute to Simba

Comments by B Samson (2008-02-09 07:04:43) from South Africa

Thanks to all that are joining the train of change and shame to those that are against it!

I just have to remind you comrades that let's be careful in disclosing our strategy for Simba Makoni to win, believe me those that work for Mugabe are burning the mid-night oil tracking all these comments and devising counter strategies.

Also comrades some of the negative comments are from Mugabe secret agency trying to dampen the spirit, LETS IGNORE THEM AND FOCUS ON THE TASK AT HAND.

Comrades, it is not insulting but ...prayers and hoping for MIRACLE is just ridiculous! The God we all believe in told us "Faith without deeds comes to nothing". LET US SHOW OUR FAITH BY WHAT WE DO. Let's act.

Another thought, those who are asking questions about who is behind Simba Makoni and all that....comrades let us take the future in our hands....IT'S not about who is behind him or's about you rallying behind the kind of leadership you want and throw you weight behind that.

Take it to be your responsibility, not Mutumwa's or Simba Makoni or the next powerful guy. We can win over who ever can stand against us a purposeful people. We have all seen and witnessed the situation in Zim....far from what we all want. We have witnessed Mugabe suppressing people even within the ZANU pf. We have heard him with all his arrogance and manipulative intelligence powered by deep dishonest. To worsen the situation we have MDC that has failed over the period...imagine they failed as leadership to put aside their personal interest, swallow pride and focus on winning as one to usher TRUE DEMOCRACY in ZIM.

I see Simba Makoni as an opportunity to have democracy in ZIM. I wish not to engage is some kind of pub debate through this site but to bring about that mentality of coming to play and take responsibility of the future as an individual person by voting for the person you see and the kind of leadership we want to grow not just in Zimbabwe but Africa.

Another point comrades forget the who is who of Zim politics, we the ordinary people if we believe and commit to what we see as the light we can win against any that stands in our way!!! Zim as a nation is far bigger than a few individuals including those who are said to be "silent very influential people that liberated Zim" I acknowledge before you all they did a GREAT job and that is beyond doubt...and guess what they were just as ordinary as us!!! We too can be tomorrow's GREATEST if we act now in the correct direction,(not that we want to be great, the objective is to have a Good Zim). Zimbabwe and Africa at large needs good leadership, the kind of leadership that forwards us a race, the kind of leadership that can lose election and accept it, without going to war!!! The kind of leadership that is prepared to reconcile differences by negotiating. The kind of leadership that will grow the economy rather than chase away and jailing a few of our own that have made it into business.

Just a reminder comrades lets be careful not to disclose strategy. I agree that Simba must come to play by coming public with his manifesto, for now we are just attracted by his natural charm and its not enough. If he is out to make a difference let him circulate the manifesto on email...then we can strategise on how to educate and get the much needed rural vote. I will repeat myself also donations without strategy is a total waste of the hard earned pound , rand or US$. We not want to fail like Tsvangira on the 2000 election who spent much his time cris crossing the globe ignoring that its people in Zim and specifically Rural Zim that will vote!!!

To those comrades who share with us the same vision please drop your fears of Mugabe, he is not a God!!! Zimbabwe has to go forward in a great future with or without him!!!

To the security of Zim, ZRP and National Army please lets work together to bring a good change, do not beat and kill the nation, we all know you have also suffered long implementing Mugabe's dirty tactics.Have RESPECT FOR PEOPLE OF THE REPUBLIC OF ZIMBABWE.

Comments by B Samson (2008-02-09 07:28:36) from Soth Africa

Its around Sunday morning, 04:12 to be exact here in South Africa, if there is no word of meetings,structures, strategies and action plan in the next 2 hours I will focus my effort on organizing that. Just to hint I am thinking of calling for a meeting, to setup a formal contact point with Simba Makoni instead of just chatting and commenting. I have seen Mawere response he is running with organizing banking to get donations. May be if I may ask Mawere: is there a contact point for Simba here in South Africa to allow for secured communication? Simba Makoni if you are reading this could you please send around the manifesto. Like one suggestion put across...shall we setup a site for your campaign so that your vision and intentions are known to the rest of us and the world?

Comments by Rev Mufaro Stig Hove (2008-02-09 07:51:48) from South Africa

I seriously believe Dr Simba Makoni, if supported by all patriots, is our hope!

Zimbabwe has bled more than enough. Please lets unite and remove this tyranny.

Comments by brian (2008-02-09 08:07:02) from united kingdom

politics is quite interesting sometimes. someone says that morgan tsvangirai has the people on his side.....
In 2000 people voted for people they had never met or heard of. Its called PROTEST VOTE.

recent developments in the opposition have brought to light the power corrupts . those with positons in mdc want to protect their positions and so cannot agree on putiing Zimbabwe first....greed, arrogance.... Our country is bleeding ...our fate only lies is anything that brings a glimmer of hope which Simba is symbolising now.

I salute MT for what he has done in the past..organising resistance to the regime but some arbitrary decisions he has made aaagh...nekunyombana kwaaita nemajuniors muparty pa2005 slit

ooops! digressing ah i meant to say Simba must let zim know his action plan... policies..etc.
if he wants funds i guess we can all chip in. let him be accessible ....lets have emails ,tel numbers, adresses ,a dedicated website....quick coz time's not on our side. this is abuot our future and that of our chdn.



Comments by brian (2008-02-09 08:10:17) from united kingdom

politics is quite interesting sometimes. someone says that morgan tsvangirai has the people on his side.....
In 2000 people voted for people they had never met or heard of. Its called PROTEST VOTE.

recent developments in the opposition have brought to light the power corrupts . those with positons in mdc want to protect their positions and so cannot agree on putiing Zimbabwe first....greed, arrogance.... Our country is bleeding ...our fate only lies is anything that brings a glimmer of hope which Simba is symbolising now.

I salute MT for what he has done in the past..organising resistance to the regime but some arbitrary decisions he has made aaagh...nekunyombana kwaaita nemajuniors muparty pa2005 slit

ooops! digressing ah i meant to say Simba must let zim know his action plan... policies..etc.
if he wants funds i guess we can all chip in. let him be accessible ....lets have emails ,tel numbers, adresses ,a dedicated website....quick coz time\'s not on our side. this is abuot our future and that of our chdn.



Comments by Musonza (2008-02-09 08:24:37) from UK



Comments by Jennings RUKANI (2008-02-09 09:08:21) from United Kingdom

Dear Mr. Mawere,

I was really chaffed to hear how you spoke of Dr. Simba (Makoni). I know the man personally, although he may not remember me as it has been a long time 1981. I made up my mind about this man becoming President (or then Prime Minister) long back in 1981. However, I expected him to take over Zim leadership in 1990. I salute action men like yourself who believe in starting the ball rolling by donating some funds to the SIMBA PROIJECT. As someone of your age group, I have lived in three worlds [colonial racist, independence and now the economic/ social decay world].

Record my name as one of the strong FRIENDS OF SIMBA MAKONI PROJECT member. I have already organised a meeting Saturday 16th Feb, 2008 to galvanise the diaspora support base. As others have already said, we need to know how to contact the project leaders (Makoni, Mbudzi, Mandaza, Mhanda) for all details we might need. This is our last chance and I hope the respected ZANLA/ ZIPRA Commanders ( Nhongo,Sibanda, Sheba Gava,Mhanda, etc) are fully behind this noble cause.

JENNINGS RUKANI (Mob: 0044 7737272179).

Comments by P Makoni (2008-02-09 09:24:28) from Scotland

I can see the dawning of a new day.
Support Makoni!!!!!

Comments by Gregory Johari (2008-02-09 10:33:47) from S.A

i would like to thank Mr Simba Makoni for his courage to stand against this devil sent tyrannical leader we have back home.

I have been following closely the events at home, since the Dr Simba "the Lion" Makoni declared his candidacy. Sadly, there is a great many Zimbabweans who do not appreciate how brave Simba has been.

I have also asked myself, "ofcause, why has he waited for 10 years?" i put myself in his shoes and this is the answer i came up with.

1)In the first years of the economic downturn, he has probably tried to have changes within the party with support from other party members taking into account that everyone was seeing the unfavourable economic changes.

2)its no secret that Mugabe is a killer and I think you, Mr Mawere can confirm that, otherwise you would still be in Zimbabwe right now. Like anyone else Simba would probably vehemantly brushed aside any slight thought of turning against the president. i can imagine the fear i have for Robert right now even though im am more than 1000km awy from him. i have created a new email address specifically to write this later and have put a fake surname jus to conceal my identity. i have never been face to face with Mugabe but i fear him so much. what more Simba who has seen and heard what he says, whyo has first hand information on the victims of Mugabe. the decesion he has made, is not easy by any standards. it would take me more than 15 years to make the same decesion. because that decesion means a sudden lose of: "Zanu Pf respect" that anything you want you get it, all the protection his businees interests enjoyed and many other previledges that come with being a Mugabe's boy.

i personally know of a couple of Zanu pf chefs who hate Mugabe to the bone for the economic turmoil, but dont dare say anything for the fear of victimisation and lose of the "Mugabe economic bouyancy"

i hate it that im working in foreign land whilst my country is sinking and my only hope is Simba, so that one day i will go back home and work knowing that the money that i working for is in safe hands and that the government will put it to good use.

let people not mistake the peeple in zanu pf to the party. remember zanu pf is the one that liberated us because it had visionaries then not the "Greedynarries" we have now. zanu pf as a party had brilliant ideas which saw Mr Mawere being helped significantly to build his empire( ofcause he was well educated and deserved the help)

so i urge the Zimbabwean population not to forget zanu pf as a party remains the strongest and the best only that it needs to have Mugabe and his weeds weeded out!

Since Zimbabweans are too "AFRAID" to go into the streets to voice their angers, Dr Simba Makoni presents another option to voice your anger through the ballot box.

I pray the elections will be fair and thank God for the heaven sent SIMBA "THE LION OF JUDAH"

Comments by simbarashe Manhuwa (2008-02-09 10:56:31) from Australia


I think you got it all wrong on this guy. Makoni is not the right person for the job.Whilst you are entitled to your opinion but your own personality is a sticking point that makes every sane and caring zimbabwean doubt your genuineneness. Why dont you take a reflection into your own previous associations with the ZANU PF regime and the hurt you created, if you care about this Zimbabwe project? Blaz, you are of the same feathers and you are simply singing "sour grapes".

Makoni is clear that he is still ZANU PF and obviously has entered into this arrangement with Mugabe to show his commitment to Mugabe's candidature especially after so much grapevine linking him to the splinter group. You should be able to identify these issues if you dare given your analytic mind, but you choose to support the evil system(ZANU PF), you choose to support the status quo! Usadaro. This is our motherland! Even if he is genuine as he purports, he is not his own man, we know that Mujuru is his main man and this guy has bled the country with corruption and has hugely benefited from Mugabe patronage, more likely he got a big slice of your former empire!

Lets not use emotions to make these decisions, this man represents the current ROT in the country. Mind you he presided over gukurahundi, murambatsvina, the grapping of your economic empire and has helped ZANU PF rig every election since time imemorial. MAWERE SHORT TERM MEMORY LOSS IS DANGEROUS, HANDS OFF MAKONI. YOU ARE SMARTER THAN THIS GUY. HE DOES NOT REPRESENT ANY CHANGE AND YES ALL CARING ZIMBABWEANS WILL RELEGATE HIM BACK TO HIS ZANU PF CAMP!

Comments by tonderai (2008-02-09 11:20:57) from uk

well, i thought i was all alone in thinking makoni is the MAN, but after reading your comments i thinks i am just normal.
its so good to hear from people like u mawere praising makoni for what he has decided to do. the biggest worry in every zimbabwean right now is wether makoni is doing this for good or being used by mugabe ..but if people like u mawere who have fallen out with mugabe can speak out in support of makoni, then the population of zimbabwe can see the truth.people should know that zanu does not tolerate .zimbabweans have been traumatised , tortured and suffered for a long time now..we need the change like yesterday.
whilst i salute u for speaking out your support for makoni..i strongly urge your to encourage and use your influence to have all other big names in zimbabwe or outside who support simba to come out in open..if by any chance u can talk to tsvangiara ,mutambara,madhuku all to rally behind makoni, i know we can change things in zimbabwe .
for once in our lifetime , we have the chance to change things in zimbabwe. zimbabwean have suffered for too long..what we want is a change ..a new leader, in makoni -we have the man.
i would very much like to participate or contribute to makoni\'s campaign funding...COUNT ME IN TOO

Comments by Cal Rug (2008-02-09 11:42:15) from UK


Comments by Kundai (2008-02-09 11:47:10) from Zimbabwe

IT IS interesting to note how in America Presidential candidates must present themselves for scrutiny for nearly a year, yet in Zimbabwe people’s desperation can cover any sin in just 51 days.

Trevor Ncube confirms my point why desperate times don’t need desperate measures; he says...

Note: My responses are in parentheses ... ( )

Trevor Ncube:

"Coming so soon after the failure of the two MDC factions to unite, Makoni’s initiative provides a credible home and leadership for all those in opposition who desire genuine change and not self-aggrandisement."

My response

As a journalist and editor we should expect more in-depth insight from Trevor rather than an outpouring of emotion. Makoni is no Messiah, but a long known politician. For him to be compared to the failures of the MDC leadership while never having led any protest movement is shallow analysis. The entire question of political leadership as selfish personality cults needs questioning, and as a former Mugabe stooge, Makoni now a growing cult of personality figure in his own right, has no answers for such things.

"The MDC’s weakness has always been its pedestrian leadership, which should now join hands with Makoni to form a formidable coalition of forces opposed to all that Mugabe represents. On his part, Makoni will need to reach out to all and construct a movement that is accommodating to the diverse voices that have been calling for change."

How contradictory! Makoni was part of the problem the pedestrian MDC leadership was fighting, yet they must now join hands? I don’t like MDC leadership ─ they have dropped too many balls, scored too many own goals ─ but give credit where it is due ─ they tried to stop a violent outcome in Zimbabwe by running to the courts and the international community to solve this issue, rather than run into the bush. Yes they are now tired, but how much help did they get? Why are so many Zimbabweans in exile leaderless and destitute when men like Trevor have all that they have? (This is not to criticise Trevor but to ask what part did we all play.)

Where were the forces of opposition the MDC critics created to oppose Mugabe and the Zanu PF mafia? Let us not forget Makoni is backed by Zanu PF people who have been full square against any real change in Zimbabwe for years. These people could have given covert support to removing Mugabe but they were getting rich and fat at his table.

"I must confess that I don’t exactly know what Makoni’s programme is or what his manifesto holds. But one thing I am sure of is that I would be proud to call him my president any day. He is intelligent, very articulate, smart and well educated, and his decision to resign as finance minister a few years ago tells me he is a principled man. I think he cares and I am sure we can trust him. And I have never heard any hint or caught a whiff that he is a corrupt man."

Here Trevor goes to dream land. You don’t know his policies but you think you can trust him? Yet you are a journalist and can find these out. Cult of hero worship alert. The fact that Makoni resigned as a finance minister doesn’t mean he jumped off the gravy train with his clandestine backers. As for principles, this issue has been going on for 10 years. What standards do Zimbabweans set for our leaders; beyond saying that they are not Mugabe? Should any baboon in a tree announce intentions for State house?

"My criticism of Makoni is that he is aloof and tends to come across as arrogant and condescending. I have also heard it said that he holds strong views and he can’t work with others. But then there are very few angels in Zimbabwe. His weaknesses must pale into insignificance when considering the dehumanising circumstances that we desperately need to liberate ourselves from."

He is aloof and tends to come across as arrogant and condescending. Please notice this is the same man Trevor would be proud to call President, held by the same infection afflicting Mugabe / Tsvangirai / Mutambara and the terms of liberation were dehumanising under Smith.

"Zimbabwe is in a desperate situation and we can ill afford the luxury of a wait-and-see attitude or fence-sitting as far as the prospect offered by Makoni is concerned."

Why not? There are many people who exist beyond Simba Makoni. What Zimbabwe really cannot afford is old wolves in sheep’s clothing, or being robbed blind by outside forces of wealth and power who would rule Zimbabwe via a proxy.

“Those in the MDC need to go back to the days when they cared more about the people than their narrow, selfish interests and throw their lot behind Makoni."

Had MDC been properly led and cared for the people, then Mugabe, Simba and the gang would be looking at time in jail ─ not anyone’s saviours. Lest we forget Mugabe is the golden goose ─ he dishes out patronage but he never stole and looted all by himself. The truth is that after March, a toothless MDC and victorious Zanu PF will create a more ruthless and militant body of Zimbabweans who will oppose tyranny. Zanu PF faces political oblivion. These guys are not stupid Mugabe is 84. Where is the real power among his sidekicks once he dies? Yet the very planners and foot soldiers that destroyed Zimbabwe under Mugabe are now looking at a way out beyond a leaderless future. These are now being offered as Zimbabwe’s saviours. What remorse do they show beyond pretending now to see their chef as a danger to their stolen wealth? Zanu PF is merely setting itself for the future with a pretend fight.

Better postpone these rigged elections, sufficient parties agree the nation needs rebuilding so create a transitional governing body and rebuild Zimbabwe's social and business infrastructure under a non partisan technocratic entity, rather than this winner takes all political farce.

*Comrade Kundayi can be reached at

Comments by brian nyatoro (2008-02-09 12:12:36) from united kingdom

Mr Mawere
First and foremost I would like to congradulate Dr Simba Makoni for his courageous and bold intentions to contest in this years March elections.I personally think that Dr Makoni is god sent.Sent from above to save and serve the people of Zimbabwe from their daily Hardships.In the bible they tell us that leaders are chosen and anointed by God.I pretty convinced that this is the casewith Dr Makoni.Many people, I remember always wondered why he wouldnt challenge for leadership because saw potential in Dr Makoni.His reluctance to do so seemed to frustrate many Zimbabweans and now that he has finally done so I think its only right for every ZIMBABWEAN, who hopes to see his child go to school with all adequate stationery , with a complete set of uniform, every ZIMBABWEAN who hopes to work up to go to work in the morning, who hope to have a decent meal everyday, who hopes to use that electric stove bought with hard earned cash to vote for The honourable doctor.I do agree with you that he has definately chosen a diffiult path.He will be abused and labelled a turn coat , but I guess That will be another Chimurenga war for the good doctor to fight and I will be behind his every move. I hope that come March 29 we will show Chinotimba and company that Zimbabwe is no all about war veterans , Yes they haveplayed a part in Zimbabwe's history, now they should leave it to us to play our own small part.They should stop being a source of terror.To the opposition parties, I would say if all along they meant to do any good to Zimbabwe ,then they must stop all the bickering and like any reasonable and logical zimbabwean rally behind Doctor Simba Makoni. To you Mr mawere, I have long been an admirer of how you conduct your business and envy the way you came prominence.I have met you in so many meetung with the likes of Mr Paul Mkondo, the late cde E Zvogbo etc and I would like to challenge you like you have confessed that you have played Armchair politics all along to rise up and be pro active.There is no room for couch potatoes where Zimbabwe is concerned.I even prepared to join Dr Makoni's campain team in Zimbabwe if that will help bring change. In the meantime we need momentum.Lets eduacte our parents about theneed for change right now. Lets give Zanu a rude awekening kuma Rural stronghold ikoko. PAMBERI NE THE MAKONI PROJECT FOR ZIMBABWE.

Comments by mhofu veku Wedza (2008-02-10 01:45:04) from rsa

I do agree with most of you Zimbos out, on the need for a change in Zim political leadership!My concern is we the people of Zim, sometimes spend a lot of time,bickering instead uniting our effort to solve our problems. Yes , we now all agree on way or another we didn't do our part to prevent this eventuality, which we find our selves in! But now the question, with Makoni in picture, how do we safe guard our selves from being hijacked by the same greed jackals from Zanu pf, the same cancerous rot we are running away from! As we retrace our way back from this hounted jungle, I think there is serious need for Simba to embrass the democatic forces that has been working tirelessly for a change.Groups on the sidelines like NGO's and reform-minded people like Masiiwa and others. For sure there is a deep resentment for someone coming from Zanu pf and then convincing the batterd masses from Mat. South that now the tiger, s kitten is now tamed and can live with the people! let Simba anounce how will work with MDC if wins, let us hear what he mean, when says heremain a Zanu pf member! Because now the house has been burnt, and we are building, its better we go to the drawing board so that we come up with a better structure, otherwise we are renovating a broken bridge with same supporting pillars!

Comments by Museyamwa (2008-02-10 05:21:17) from ZIMBABWE

Dr Simba ndizvo kwete zve chinja zvisina maturo.

Comments by A. Mbonyeya (2008-02-10 06:01:29) from Australia

Lets Keep Eye on the Ball, not Zanu Pf Sideshows

The Makoni project is a Zanu PF sideshow which should never get us off the rails on our Change Agenda. If we like change and if we are not the "Ada Atora" type that get gerried away by the slightest breeze, we must stick with the MDC of Morgan Tsvangirai.

I am saddened that Mutumwa who has previously shared with us incisive thoughts week-after-week can go so low as to support the Simba package that has not even been availed. Who are his backers? Poor Simba is a front of rotten-to-the core 'Zanla/Zipra Commanders' who know no other job than 'commanding' to plunder Zimbabwe's wealth. The day that cowardly Simba names these 'backers/ handlers' is the day his brief stint on political limelight raptures. No sane pro-genuine change Zimbabwean will vote for these selfish parasites.

So Mutumwa (I know just like your name, you have been sent galvanise support for Simba), please stop confusing us. The People's Convention has spoken. And Tsvangirai says he will go it 'as if nothing has happened'. Our only use for Simba this time around is to get vote rigging protection- he can do that with so many generals around him. And also to split the Zanu PF vote.

Finally, lets learn to be a principled citizenry that does not, even in desperation, jump onto any waggon that passes by

Comments by Brian Mahachi (2008-02-10 06:03:40) from RSA

No amount of words can express how much we crave for a change and go back home. I believe in Makoni.

If there is a an account to deposite funds for the Makoni project, please make it public.

Comments by Lazarus Murinda (2008-02-10 06:53:36) from Scotland

Many thanks for setting up this forum.It is interesting to see the dynamics of politics taking a new dimension and guide. I respect your views on the political landscape in Zimbabwe very much but when it comes to ZANU PF i am always cynical and pessimistic about any changes that maybe heralded by Individuals from the same party who are so much used to doing things the same way.I do have a soft spot for Dr Simba for various reasons but i have doubts about the sincerity of his intentions.I know you Mutumwa as an intellect, successful businessman and political analyst but my worry is how confident are you that this is not a ploy to perpetuate the rule of the disastrous regime that has even destroyed your business empire.I would like to encourage folks out here to set up a fund and campaign vigorously for Simba Makoni project only if am convinced that we are heading for a new dawn.I have worked in various capacities here as a teacher, social worker and now into business especially the finacial sector.I would like to have more discussions and debates with you on how we can take our beautiful country forward.I look forward to more conversations with you on re-building Zimbabwe

Comments by Maphosa G (2008-02-10 09:35:33) from South Africa

lets start bank rolling,the moment an account is opened i am going to contribute my R1000.00

Viva Change Viva Simba Makoni

We want to go back home to rebuild our country not in a Mugabe Rule.

Thanks Mr Mawere

Comments by Sede (2008-02-10 10:13:45) from Kenya

Count me in on.

Early this week I received that the MDC had failed to unite. It really disappointed me that the MDC factions could not see the bigger picture that who controlled which seats. To make matters worse, the fellows where fighting for seats that they did not have. It reminds me of our childhood argument: Kana tikanhonga mari tinogovana sei? This sort of argument sometimes caused fights. This is the fight that Morgan and Aurthur are having. Fighting for seats they have not won.

It was with renewed hope that I received news of Simba Makoni's entry into the Presidential Race. I have one simple emotional reason: The existing leaders (Mugabe, Tsvangirai and Mutambara) have disappointed me in one way or another. I am looking for someone who can give me hope. Simba Makoni is presenting that hope. Rightly or wrongly, I am hoping that Simba Makoni will provide the renewal that my country needs.

So I am willing to pledge my little assistance towards that dream. My main pledge is that I will be going home to vote. My second pledge will be the little money I can afford. Like one writer said, USD10 donated by a million is USD10 million to bankroll the Zimbabwe we want.

So please get us the details on how to contribute, and I will mobilise friends in Kenya to assist.

Comments by Clutton Patsika (2008-02-10 12:41:24) from Zimbabwe

Where do I start, Ya aah first respect to you Mr Mawere. A man with so much money like you would probably have forgotten about Zimbabwe. I read your articles very much, we met briefly when I was Chief sub at the Business Tribune and share your passion for a better Zimbabwe. Unfortunately, this is were our similarities end. First, Makoni is a small Bob. In a game of draft when you reach to the other side handiti tinoti wabuda bhobho. And kana wabuda bhobho chii acquire more far-reaching powers...destroying those in your way with impunity. I remember clearly the clash at Zimpapers and I also have very close understanding of Ibbo, Mhanda, Tekere and Simba. I am sorry to say, I found this team to be highly opportunistic, living on the hunger for change in Zim and identifying loopholes to enrich themselves. You yourself Mr Mawere, do you know how you were conned in the Tribune business. You had set up a very vibrant media alternative, but I watched it degenerate into a farce and even Jonathan Moyo could have afforded to leave the paper to die a natural one. And do you know that the Mirror got funding from RBZ in very interesting circumstances. How did Gono release money to Ibbo? Was a newspaper a productive sector in the strictest sense of the word. And ofcores macharlie akazodawo control kuMirror blah blah. I tell you boss this is a web of the same crew and you are identifying yourself with people I thought you would be wise enough to avoid. Take Mujuru for example, he amassed wealth from corrupt Zanu-PF and he is behind Makoni as a possible extention of the same rot. Mash/East faction as we know it, irikudawo kutonga and if Makoni is genuinely trying to unseat Mugabe I can only say this is a coup without bloodshed. THOSE of you in DIASPORA chimbozvibvunzaiwo kuti makaendako sei? Muri kurarama sei? Ko sei muchida kuisa mari musango, iro pound rinonetsa kubata kudai? What I know as the most possible thing is that Zanu PF or New Zanu PF can never win a free and fair election. Yes MDC has problems but its courageous cadres and a so different approach from chiZanu has won our hearts. We were denied the opportunity for change and have to soldier on. If Makoni had defected to MDC I would have poured all I have for him. So boss I am keeping my bearer cheque and you throw away your Rand. MDC KUSVIKA ZVANAKA. There is no shortcut and hatinakupusa

Comments by Innocent (2008-02-11 01:06:19) from RSA

I have gone through the comments herein and one thing is certain-Zimbabweans from all over the world are hungry for change.This should be expected from a people who have suffered so much.What we we need therefore is to carefully interrogate Simba Makoni on what he stands for and what his state house project will mean to millions of us in the diaspora and those at home.
Makoni should be commended for his courage to stand shoulder high with Robert Mugabe and offer himself for the presidency.We however need to hear him speak of the change he expects to usher in Zimbabwe.Mr Mawere we commend you for offering yourself in the Makoni Project,I however urge you to to join hands with other like minded Zimbabweans in RSA and the diaspora at large and invite Simba Makoni to come and say why we should vote for him in his bid for presidency.I believe that we are owed this by any person who wants to determine the destiny of our nation.I believe that there is so much goodwill in the Diaspora and back at home for change and once we are clear of where Mr Makoni wants to take us , we can march with him all the way to the throne.

Comments by Steven Mabika (2008-02-11 01:22:33) from Zimbabwe

I am for the Makoni project, and from what i have gathered so far, the coming elections are not for a revolution or for a long term change. This ia a succession election , in which we need short term measures now , which we will build upon to create a better Zimbabwe, than the one we find ourselves in today.

So i also offer myself yeah , to move from one part of the country to another in a campaign trail yeah , and (1) educate the masses every where to register, check the voter's role and on the 29th to go and vote, and (2) to vote for Simba for the president and to deny the vote to ZPF.
To this end i will take offical leave , and just do like that. But i have a problem for tha, although we have started doing it around the area where i live .. i need to go to the rurals, for i have seen that the opposition and off course the Makoni project there has not been disemeinated. Whom do i see for assistamce? I do not have money to channel in the campaign fund as proposed , but I offer my physical being for the chanllenge of campaigning. I have done it before for Mrs Dongo in Sunningdale nad she won. It can be done , and as not elsewhere , we do not have time. Please just tell me what do as to the question i have asked above.
Simba Ndizvo Manje... count me in as well.


Comments by Mwendamberi (2008-02-11 01:40:53) from Zimbabwe

Mr. Mawere,please keep up your good and courageous works. I strongly believe that all you've done and continue to do, plus Dr. Makoni's project of bravery, given enough support by everyone home and abroad, Mugabe is marching out come March 29

Problem though for us on the ground here in Zim is that little information is being availed to us on how we are supposed to particaipate in this noble project in anyway. Some of us are even ready to lead in campaigning in our respective areas and professions but information is not enough.

I hope everyone is aware how the time factor could be working strongly against this project. We need to be informed of inorder for us to participate and help effectively.

But otherwise, this is one cause Im ready to die for.

Comments by melusi (2008-02-11 01:47:34) from South Africa


Thank you for bringing the idea to raise funds for this just course. Please pass on the account.

Comments by shalton ngwenya (2008-02-11 01:47:58) from uk

it does not matter whether makoni was part of zanu pf,what matters is that he offers a credible and opposition than mugabe than tsangirai.we got to start somewhere.

Comments by Kwame Buthelezi (2008-02-11 02:16:02) from South Afrika

Thanks Mawere, you always on the mark. This is very pregressive indeed. Just yet to hear this man's policies/platform etc etc, dont get me wrong, I think he's the best option at the moment but i cant really defend that argument with confidence simply because he still needs to share more. But yes Im voting for the man and i will be donating some money too. One last thing before we get carried away, whats the legality of e.g. you Mawere a South Afrikan citizen donating money to an oposition movement in Zimbabwe, is that allowed? please clarify, lets not put this project in jeopardy due to some lame techinicality...we all know these Zanu people with their dirty games.

Comments by Enias (2008-02-11 02:24:15) from Zimbabwe

Kusi kufa ndekupi, whether Simba is being used or not we need change, hoping that one iye Simba will get back to his senses and do the right thing for the people of Zimbabwe.

Count me in!!!!!!!!!!!


Comments by Ray Khumalo (2008-02-11 02:36:36) from United Kingdom

Mr Mawere,

I must applaud your articles they offer a bird's eye view of the Zimbabwe situation.

Before I can throw my weight, as light as it may be, behind Dr Makoni I think the nation needs to hear a clear agenda from him. That there is need for change is a given but the how is the deciding factor.

I don't want to support this man out of sentiment but out of principle.

Comments by Den Moyo (2008-02-11 05:15:17) from Zimbabwe

Why can't Simba (a late comer) join Morgan? Simba was attending Politiburo meetings and supporting Mugabe while Morgan was being beaten and also setting up structures as well as campaigning nationawide.

So Simba wants an easy way by riding on Morgan structures and sweat which he is not prepared to do? Simba was not in exile but was staying in Zimbabwe all along and was a Politiburo member. He is now coming to the opposition with only a month to go for elections.

It seems he wants it easy.

Here this Mutumwa,we cannot vote or join Simba as Simba is still paying allegiance to Zanu PF.
No we want a complete change. Simba is a mere Zanu PF reformer whilst Tsvangirayi is a national transformer!!

Comments by Kwame Buthelezi (2008-02-11 06:12:39) from South Afrika

Ok, for the doubters who say Simba is a Zanu PF project. For argument's sake, lets say he actually is a ZANU PF project to split the oposition vote. We overwhelmingly vote him in, he wins. Does anyone honestly think he would hand back power to Mr Mgabe? Come on....!

Comments by Paul (2008-02-11 10:06:06) from Switzerland

Mutumwa kindly arange all the logistics to send mari to Simba for his campaign. We have the Francs to support him al the way may be i could be able to get he next plane in April to come HOME>

Comments by Mark (2008-02-11 10:37:44) from united kingdom

Count me in, this is the time.

Comments by dhewa (2008-02-11 11:37:28) from SA

Well Dziva in as much as i respect you views but i think you have missed it on Makoni. Makoni is a child of Zanu-pf and eats Zanu-pf- only two weeks before his announcement he was busy pledging his loyality to Mugabe and then Mugabe said if you are really loyal then help us defeat the Mdc by putting the Maximum possible confusion in the minds of Zimabaweans.

He has succeded to do that now he is saying he is independent and he is Zanu-pf at the same time. How does he earn trust of some of us who can not be foole by a Name- Simba.

Of course having part of the machinery that have destroying the economy and suppressing democracy may be forgivable as you said but where and how is he going to campain if we dont know who is with him in Zanu-pf. At least he should have been a result of factionalism but we have agin seen the politburo meeting announcing and having a meeting yesterday without Makoni and no shivers were witnessed.

i dont think this guy is sincere to the people of Zimbabwe and should be dumped outright. Tsvangirai at least for the first time made a good move by not being fooled by Simba

Let welshman and his friends join Zanu-pf. We all know thats where they belong and they are planning to officially rejoin via Simba Makoni

Dziva i shall not agree to be advised to vote Zanu-pf via Simaba MAKONI. apa marasika dziva

Comments by Thomas (2008-02-11 12:22:47) from RSA

I agree that Zimbabweans have waited for change for too long. Whereas Morgan has been very brave, I personally don't think that he possesses strategies of change. I personal view him to be a copy of Mugabe in handling national issues. Here are my problems with Tsvangirai:
1)He violated his party's constitution by rejecting participation in senatorial elections. A good leader must uphold unity at all cost not being heavy handed viewing oneself as SUPERIOR.
2) The Makonese issue is another attribute of his failure in solving issues. You might blame these issues on the CIOs, but this actually puts forward his inability to deal with secret organisations. What more when he heads a country.
3) Tsvangirai needs discipline in accepting diference of opinion. He could not re-unite with the Prof Mutambara's group, what then can convince me that he has people at heart if he promotes divisions among them. HE LACKS LEADERSHIP QUALITIES. Mugabe capitalises on unity in his party, whereas Tsvangirai destroys unity in his party. He is brave but stupid..

On the other hand I see Simba differently:
1) Its not easy to just defeat a strong political party like ANC, ZANU PF etc. One has to be part of such a part. Simba waited for the ZANU PF constitution to be used for the choosing of the party's President, but it was avoided. As I see it, Mugabe does not respect difference of opinion. Once you differ with him, he sees you as AN ENEMY. Whats the defination of an enemy. Does difference in opinion constitute ENEMYHOOD???
2) Simba has maintained his position and submitted for long enough and its time for change. Mugabe is self centred, a cheat and liar to his party members. He indicated that he will be resigning at the end of his term, HENCE NEED FOR PATIENTS, then just like a cameleon, changed his colour. Who can bear with that? He tried patients, and it does not work with this man - Mugabe. Check his history, he has been like that. He cheated Mnangagwa, Zvobgo and many others.
3) Simba yearns for change thats why he decided to challenge Mugabe. Ambush is the best game against mugabe, you can't give him one year, he destroys you with his state machinery. He prevents anyone from using state machinery, then how do you deal with difference of opinoin. Many people in ZANU PF don't like him, but how do you remove him. Even America, Britain etc don't even have an idea of removing him. Every area is under tight screws. Media, Radio, TV. No commucation can reach the popultion unless its ZANU PF biased.

Finally, I believe Simba is the right person. He is principled and focused.

Comments by Pardon Gumbo (2008-02-11 12:25:18) from Liverpool UK

I fully support the Makoni project
and hope it will help bring the
much-needed change that the people
of Zimbabwe desparately need

Comments by Tich (2008-02-11 12:33:14) from South Africa

I believe every reasonable Zimbabwean should support Dr Simba Makoni. I certainly agree that the MDC deserves our respect. We salute Morgan Tsvangirai for forming such a powerful opposition. However its power has been stretched to a limit and heavily diluted by the split. We can not have a divided opposition. Let us all support Simba Makoni for a better Zimbabwe. Let us give him a chance. He is politically experienced and economically affluent. He is the only person from Zanu PF who still commands respect from the international community. If he is to win he can bring the much needed healing in our country and also reconciliation with our so called “western enemies”. For those who love MDC so much we are not saying that the MDC should totally be written off. We still need them in parliament for them to continue voicing. I am one of the people who sympathise with MDC but I feel this time it is Simba’s time.

I would like to urge as well those Zanu PF heavyweights supporting Makoni to come out open if this project is to be a success. They must behave like Kudzai Mbudzi. The more senior Zanu PF members to come in open support of Simba the earlier the people of Zimbabwe will totally embrace this project. At this stage people are receiving it with one hand because they are not sure whether it is real or not. They still remember the days of Edgar Tekere. Lastly I have a word of advice for the MDC formations, if they truly have the interest of Zimbabwe at heart then they should all support Makoni. Tsvangirai and Mutambara should not run for the presidents. This is no more time for selfish ambitions. I urge them to form an alliance which will bury Mugabe once and for all.

Comments by Muny (2008-02-12 06:48:56) from South Africa

Va Mutumwa

I think we are all exicted about the Makoni factor, but we need a detailed plan of want is required to make the Makoni project a success. March 29 is very close, so time rather than money will be the biggest constriant.

I am based in SA and do a lot of project work, count me in for support and more ++ .

I would hate to have Mugabe re-electected for another term, imagine what would happen to Simba and Company !!!.

Lastlty how can Morgan be pesuaded not to contest the Presidency !!!

Comments by fatso (2008-02-13 06:55:54) from NZ

Hi Guys this intiative by DR Makoni is exciting. We need to get the ball rolling asap to get this word to spread fast.

Every Zimbabwean in the diaspora if you support makoni when you talk to people back home show a lot of excitment for Makoni and give a call to anyone you can reach in the rural areas.

Mutumwa gives bank details to bank roll this thing asap

Comments by Ike George (2008-02-14 02:15:50) from England

Yes MAVAMBO, lets go for it. Count me in.

Comments by Marriott Kunakah (2008-02-14 02:20:52) from Singapore

Well done Mr Mawere for such a scintillating article. CHANGE has come in the form of SIMBA!

Comments by Patrick Dauramanzi (2008-02-14 05:56:17) from Zimbabwe

I do not have respect for ZANU PF functionaries of which both Simba Makoni and Mutumwa Mawere are. Simba Makoni has thrived on Zanu PF hegemony for the past 28 years and I find it absurd that people can even talk of him taking over the reins of power in Zimbabwe. I admire Mutumwa Mawere for his business acumen but not for his political opportunism. I suspect that having fallen out with Mugabe he now wants to elevate Simba Makoni to the top job only for personal gain and not for the interest of the Zimbabwean people.

Who says Tsvangirai in not capable of ruling Zimbabwe. I think he is the best person for the job. He stood up against tyranny in Zimbabwe at a time when it mattered. I think rather than critise him for the handling of certain issues within the MDC he should actually be applauded. As a leader you have to make tough decisions if called to. Most good leaders I know have been critised for their handling of one issue or another.

The Makoni factor is just there to confuse people. It is for people who do not want change but are concerned with preserving the status quo. What has Simba done to deserve the people's vote in the forthcoming presidential elections. I admit he has a celebrity appeal just as his backer but thats not what African politics is all about. We need to reform the institutions which have been politicised and corrupted by ZANU PF and putting a ZANU man will do us no good. We want real change and this means voting the MDC and the man who has not been ashamed to talk about it since 1999.

Comments by Tinashe Chitambira (2008-02-14 07:10:11) from mozambique

Well, I would want to say thanks Mr Mawere for presenting this opportunity for like minded Zimbabweans to share their opinions about their country and nationhood. I strongly believe in freedom and liberty which is enshrined under God as He created all men equal under Him. We are all free to choose what we may want to believe in whether it is God or something else. But interestingly our Maker has designed life in such a way that we will all be responsible over the choices and decisions we make in life one way or the other. I am not trying to pick a sermon but I hope it will help us reflect.
What frees us from our predicaments is our choices - every choice has its risk (opportunity cost). Our decisions are based on how we see our situation and that becomes your reality - whether fact or fiction. In our Zimbabwean situation most of us are bound to see the Makonifactor through the eyes of fear because thats all we have known and received from the only existing government for Zimbabwe. Where we had put hope in 1980 for a great nation has turned to be the very source of fear that has imprisoned us today. The reason we ask about the genuiness of Makoni is the fear to which we are captive. With all due respect this has never been by any of our desires but its the fact. I think our problem is breaking out of the Zanulisation effect which has made this dictorship larger than life in our minds and lives. We have been made to believe it controls everything around it to the point that even if its internal system revolts we will not accept it because we are convinced it is omnipotent – that’s the lie we have accepted in our lives. Everything has a beginning and all things as we know will come to an end including the current dictorship in Zimbabwe.
The ‘Zimbabwe We Want’ is a matter of faith not seeing. Choose when you want change to happen in Zimbabwe and in your choice you put your hope. I choose to put my confidence in the Makonifactor not because I know all I may want to know but because I hope for a better Zimbabwe and I believe its my responsibility to make a contribution. My faith is not in Makoni but in the process for the Zimbabwe I have always wanted to build and Makoni presents an opportunity for me to take my first step in the journey of the nation building process. Walking on the wrong path is not the problem but deciding to remain there for the fear of getting lost again because you will be lost forever. You only know the right by understanding the wrong. Most of us left Zimbabwe into the diaspora with only hope for a better life and a few had a guarantee of the same but all of us now are better off than before. How much more can we do for our own nation at this time in history. In 1980 we voted because we hoped for better life not because we knew all things but our nation was born, March 29 is an opportunity to hope again to rebuild our nation. Lets make history happen.
The nations where we are now in the diaspora had men and women in their history who decided to shape their nation’s building processes. Today we traumatized Zimbabweans are finding refugee and a livelihood in what was once someone’s hope and we forget to learn from them on how they build such great nations. Our heritage beckons at us in Zimbabwe for a practical contribution. The current leadership we put it in power in 1980, if we want we can remove it in 2008 as we strive to build the Zimbabwe we all yearn for. No one will ever give it to us but we ourselves make it happen. Not even Makoni can give it to us but we owe it to ourselves to build it and the Makonifactor is part of the opportunity in the process not the end of nation building.
I recall in 1997 myself and Trust invited Dr Simba Makoni to officially open a National Youth Consultative Forum we were running themed ‘The Zimbabwe We Want’, I believe this is it Makoni may really usher us into the Zimbabwe we wanted then and still want today.

Mr Mawere you have earned my respect for the few years I worked with and for you though you have your shortcomings which are human in every respect. You have the benefit of being an opinion leader in this process and many look up to you for advice in such issues, I ask you to be objective and honest. Where criticism is justified Makoni has to get it and own up. It will be a good gesture for confidence building for Dr Makoni to have personal time to be live on an internet chat forum just like what you did on in 2006 (if I recall the dates well) concerning the nationalization of your businesses. If Makoni is offering himself to lead all Zimbabweans ( including the diaspora) he must be live on the net to prove himself we before March 29 – time is running out. Lets emulate the Obama’s and not just peddle their personalities for personal gain – talk to the people.

Count me in. I am taking the risk (opportunity) because I want to walk the talk.

As for all you Zimbabweans in the diaspora, as your money transfers sustain the economy back home it can influence the vote as you wish. Tell them where to cross on the ballot paper.

Comments by Scotch Cart (2008-02-14 10:04:56) from UK

Just a little off topic, time out here. Why was the Zim Abassador tossing the coin at a Superbowl kickoff?

Comments by achikati (2008-02-14 11:35:56) from Zim

Lets rally behind Makoni fellow Zimbos. We need a better Zimbabwe.

Comments by Kwame Buthelezi (2008-02-15 04:43:11) from South Afrika

Seen the Manifesto. I'm quite uneasy about the fact Makoni includes "National healing" as a sub-heading and fails to mention Gukurahundi!. I think thats one of the biggest scars in the regime's concience if they have any - and definately an important one for those who were affected. My overall judgement is that this all looks very rushed and I doubt if there was as much consultation as he claims. However Im still willing to give the guy benefit of doubt.

Comments by Xozi (2008-02-15 09:41:21) from UAE

Count me in will give the little i have just to have change at Home.

Comments by Chuck on (2008-02-17 05:51:46) from UK

I just want to contribute my own take on recent developments surrounding Simba Makoni which are still unfolding.

What is emerging on the Zimbabwe’s political landscape is an unravelling of the MDC split saga that began on 12th October 2005. Firstly, the Welshman Ncube led splinter group claimed to have no confidence in Morgan Tsvangirai’s leadership when he refused to sanction the participation of the MDC in the elections for a newly established senate in Zimbabwe. Oddly, while presenting themselves as the authentic MDC and claiming ownership of its assets they did not have confidence that any one of the dissenting group was capable to take over from Morgan Tsvangirai as MDC leader. They then looked around for a leader and settled for Arthur Mutambara who had not even been a member of the MDC before. The standing of this new MDC Mutambara faction with the people of Zimbabwe was tested in a by-election for the Budiriro constituency in which they polled 504 votes against about 8,000 votes for the Tsvangirai faction.

A few months later, they were back pushing for reunification and demanding the vice presidency of the MDC for their leader Arthur Mutambara and almost half the MDC parliamentary seats to be reserved for the faction’s members in the next parliamentary elections. The unity talks failed but as the 2008 general elections approached, in an effort to save face and avoid a humiliating performance in those elections they pushed for a ‘united front’ which was to adopt a ‘one-candidate principle’ in which Tsvangirai was to be the sole ‘coalition’ presidential candidate and Mutambara his running mate for the Vice President’s job. The rejection of the Mutambara faction’s demands by the Tsvangirai faction brought to naught that group’s hopes for a place in Zimbabwe’s future politics after the 2008 elections as their strategy appeared to rely on being VIP passengers on Tsvangirai’s bus. Thus, the grim prospect of a humiliating performance in the March 2008 elections continued to stare them in the face.

Not surprisingly, when Simba Makoni appeared on the political horizons to challenge Mugabe for presidency, before even working out any modus operandi with Makoni, the Mutambara faction grabbed the opportunity to avoid that humiliation by stepping aside for Makoni despite the fact that Makoni had made it clear that he was still a member of Zanu-PF who was only challenging Mugabe for Presidency. The Mutambara group was therefore now sponsoring an alternative Zanu-PF candidate to become the next president of Zimbabwe.

A number of issues arise from this whole episode in Zimbabwe’s opposition politics.

Firstly, there is the question of the political standing of the Mutambara faction as an opposition political body from a viewpoint of ethos. Are they clear about what they stand for and how they differ from anyone else whether MDC or Zanu-PF? Or are they a leader-less group largely motivated by the financial reward of being in government and therefore desperate to find a leader who will provide the necessary political face to give them a bit of credibility to present themselves for election into parliament?

Secondly, those who want to give Mutambara the benefit of the doubt may be baffled by his rushed decision to step aside for a man who has stuck with Mugabe until when he lost his bid to represent Zanu-PF in one of the Makoni district parliamentary constituencies. Furthermore, Simba Makoni is a man who has been looking on silently while Zimbabwe was burning and, as Zanu-PF’s deputy secretary for economic affairs in the party’s Politburo he must share with Mugabe the responsibility for presiding over the country’s economic meltdown. People who have been in positions of power should be judged by the past, not what they are saying today. Their ‘substance’ (to use Brian Kagoro's term) is found in their past, not in their promises for the future. In the USA Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are in the race because they can demonstrate that they were opposed to, and can distance themselves from the Iraq war and other government blunders responsible for America’s present problems.

Can Simba Makoni tell the nation that at politburo meetings he spoke against the destruction of agriculture in Zimbabwe? Can Makoni tell the nation that at politburo meetings he spoke against Murambatsvina? Can Makoni tell the nation that he spoke against the torture and murder of opposition party activists, or the rigging of elections?

It is common knowledge that until Zanu-PF big wigs blocked his bid to stand for election on a Zanu-PF ticket, Makoni was an ardent supporter of everything that the Mugabe government did – except its refusal to devalue the Zimbabwe currency which is nothing to put forward as evidence of his leadership qualities. Apart from that inconsequential part of his CV, Makoni has absolutely nothing to show for his 30 years of roaming the corridors of power and would be a bad gamble for Zimbabweans.

That the Mutambara group took no time to decide that such a man was a better candidate to put in state house than Mutambara himself, or Morgan Tsvangirai who had been in the trenches with them only portrays that group as a fickle lot who are undecided about what they are in politics for, and whose political goal is not greater than their desire to launch themselves into parliament or senate – or more bluntly, onto the gravy train.

Thus, the events of the past week have served to cast an ominous behavioural trend of Mutambara and his group; after having been installed as leader of a faction which he had previously had no association with, followed by failed attempts to gain leadership legitimacy by deputising Morgan Tsvangirai, he is now at the head of his faction to sponsor an alternative Zanu-PF candidate of substantial standing in the party’s politburo to become the next president of Zimbabwe – the expected reward being deputy presidency for Arthur Mutambara.

In hindsight it therefore seems just as well that the Tsvangirai faction found no compelling reason to grant Mutambara and his group the status they were demanding in the unity talks between the two factions.

But after all that has been said, Zimbabweans must welcome the emergence of the Mutambara/Makoni group for the simple reason that the country needs to move away from the two-party race politics because it has a high risk of perpetuating authoritarianism. So while the 2005 MDC split may have been a setback for the MDC as a party, it was also a positive development for democracy in Zimbabwe. The preoccupation by commentators with unity of all opposition groups is an unnecessary hindrance of the process of democratising Zimbabwe. The obsession with unity around opposition to Mugabe between people with no shared vision or values is totally counterproductive as it confuses priorities and keeps the nation moving round a revolving door.

As Joram Nyathi put it recently, “The people of Zimbabwe are better off without marriages of convenience which are short-lived and end up in embarrassing acrimony and take the nation many steps backwards. We have already seen what happened to Kenya’s Rainbow Coalition soon after Mwai Kibaki got into power. There were no principles or ideology binding the coalition together and the people of Kenya were taken for a rough ride by people who were only driven by a craving for power. Today they are paying a heavy price for their short-sightedness. Getting rid of evil Daniel Arap Moi didn’t cost as much blood as is being shed to remove ‘democratic’ Kibaki.”

Zimbabwens may very well relate to the above as more or less the same thing happened in 1987/88 when the iniquitous Zanu-PF and Zapu unity agreement turned this country into a one-party state. We are still paying heavily for that mistake. Tsvangirai’s refusal to be media-forced into a hollow political alliance with what appears to be a confused lot demonstrates far sightedness rather than short-sightedness on his part as a leader.

With regards to calls for Tsvangirai to step aside for Makoni, I think nothing can be more ridiculous than that. No disrespect to Makoni himself but there is not a shred of evidence that he is a better leader than Tsvangirai. As already pointed out above, he has a lot of loot in his backyard. True, he has higher academic credentials and is more eloquent in his command of the English language, but if this is what leadership is about then our presidential candidates should not be Tsvangirai, Mutambara and Makoni but Robert Mugabe, Robert Mugabe and Robert Mugabe - because Mugabe will beat all these men hands down on that score.

If Zimbabweans are desperate to replace Tsvangirai as pall-bearer in their struggle for change, they are better off choosing someone from Tsvangirai’s group which has a number of people who have successful leadership track records in both the public and private sectors rather than settling for another Zanu-PF old hand who has been, and continues to be deeply embedded in its structures.

Tsvangirai does have some leadership issues to deal with (least of all the very unfortunate Lucia Matibenga debacle), but what people are failing to recognise is that people like Simba Makoni and Arthur Mutambara now have the opportunity to throw their hats into the leadership ring because of what Tsvangirai has done in 5 years of relentless efforts to challenge the monster that Mugabe is. These aspirants to power have the right to start their own crusades and stand up and be counted, not to jump into the front of someone who has done all the donkey work under the most difficult circumstances. If they have better plans and better offerings for Zimbabweans, they must stand in their own stature and let the nation judge them at the polls.

Also, if they claim to be standing on higher moral ground, it is them who should have the modesty to support Tsvangirai to fill the areas where he has weaknesses and seek a viable working relationship under him, not the other way round. Tsvangirai has proved himself as a committed change agent; Simba Makoni has not. So if Makoni really wants to do himself and the nation proud, he should get cracking organising any followers he claims to have in Zanu-PF to vote for Tsvangirai who already has a huge following in the country. He can’t seriously just come from the dark side 52 days before the election and say, ‘ . . . . move over’ to a man who has braved the streets and suffered brutal treatment for so long while Makoni was propping up the very system that has brought misery and suffering to millions of Zimbabweans which he suddenly thinks has been horrendous.

Finally, Simba Makoni has not even had the civility to apologise to the people of Zimbabwe for his part as one of the henchmen who helped validate Mugabe’s wicked acts when he was destroying people’s lives and property. It is therefore Simba Makoni, not Morgan Tsvangirai who needs to stoop below his rival before he can lay claim to being a viable candidate for president of this country.

Good luck to Zimbabwe.

Chuck2 writing from Sheffield, UK

Comments by Luke Dzipange Zunga (2008-02-18 03:05:33) from SA

Mr Mawere, I am trying to imagine a group of villagers called to a meeting in the rural areas.
The converners of these meetings are paid from the President's unadited budget. One of them asks, "Those who support Makoni raise your hands or stand here" Nobody would show suport for Makoni. These executioners are paid salaries to control the people. With about 70% of constituencies rural, I doubt Makoni has any chance.

The debate in me is whether this is Mugabe project or not. Makoni stayed too long in the party for some of us to believe him. And what is he offering? Makoni split can help redefine political contest/leadership but not victory yet.
Thank you

Comments by Lovemore Nyatsine (2008-02-18 04:15:33) from SA

Mukoma Mutumwa

Great and stirring piece!

Count me in too.

I also would like to make my small financial contribution. I am based in RSA. I am even thinking of starting a dedicated Blog or website to promote this noble initiative. Maybe we can discuss more about this.

God bless you, God bless Makoni, God bless Zimbabwe.


Lovemore Nyatsine
Cel: 076 14 866 06

Comments by Tapiwa (2008-02-18 07:49:31) from USA

I want to agree with Patience's suggestion that you become the conduit for diaspora funds into Makoni's camp. Let us know how to get this money to you or your nominees as soon as possible. I have been a Tsvangson supporter since 1999 but it's clear that we now have a choice between removing Bob or splitting the vote. It's not about Morgan or Simba or Arthur anymore. But Makoni seems to offer the best chances since he will split the Zanu PF vote.
On the issue of Obama, it's important to go beyond the rhetoric and see that Clinton offers more for immigrants and the world at large (despite the apparent similarities in their platforms). Remember that color should not be used to decide the presidency here or in Africa or anywhere for that matter. Hondo yeChimurenga 1966-1979 was supposed to remove oppressive systems rather than people but, sadly, we seem to have lost sight of this.

Comments by Kwame Buthelezi (2008-02-21 08:56:03) from South Afrika

I think in the future we need to come up with a voting system which would recognize those who do pay taxes and hence more directly drive the economy. I think it would help disenfranchise the rural folk who seem to have trouble using sound sense to elect leaders. I'm beggining to understand why the whiteman denied the black man the vote in the past, it was wrong but i see where they were coming from. The colonial state was flourishing. This is ofcourse politicall incorrect and open to debate, i may be wrong. I believe Politics of "swing voters" is REAL "active" democracy.

Comments by Mai Gee (2008-03-01 05:51:57) from South Africa

You have no idea how Simba's response to his calling as he called it,brought some kind of relief to some of us.When someone talks of a calling then it means a lot.
A calling is above a career or a job.
This is something one is destined for.You can not ignore or turn away from it.
We have been praying for God to raise a true leader for our nation and i for one have no doubt that Simba Makoni can be used by God to save Zimbabwe.
Simba resigned from his(finance) ministerial post because he was not in agreement with government policies.Who amongst most of us would make such a sacrifice?
He did cause it was not about Simba and his immediate family,it was about the whole nation.Zimbabweans open your eyes and see what is really going on.
Morgan has proved to be a failure,if he coild not reconcile his own party ,how do you expect him to unite Zimbabweans.
He has proved to be just as arrogant as Mugabe,for him its worse cause he is not yet in the office,can you imagine how he will turn out to be the moment he gets to be President?We all know power corrupts.
There is no democracy in MDC.If you have a different view from the leaders,automatically you are branded an enemy,so where do they differ from Mugabe?
l have chosen to go the Simba way and if he can not save Zimbabwe,no one ecxept God Himself.
We are tired of opportunist in politics.We are talking about matters of life and death here.So many Zimbabweans have died pre-maturely cause of the so called polliticians' lack of concern for the ordinary Zimbabwean.

Comments by Benjamin Ruzive (2008-03-03 10:59:43) from RSA

Ideas are always brilliant at face value. I don’t think Makoni offers an alternative. To me he is the other side of the Mugabe mint.
I would not sponsor a cent or vote for Simba Makoni because I think he can't form a credible government as an independent candidate. He theoretically can, but the parly full of other parties' MPs can remove him. Iye anogoda kuita umbimbindoga sei, he must belong somewhere. My biggest problem with Makoni is that he has been part of Zanu for the last 10 years, seeing things decaying and doing nothing. He is also very responsible (individually and severally) for this mess - he was in govt and in politburo for that matter. He should have jumped ship when all hell got loose (in 1999/2000) and proved to the public that he does not subscribe to the Zanu destructive way of doing things.
He is an opportunist and a Zanu cadre at heart. How is he going to tackle the Zanu rot's beneficiaries in top echelons of power that he claims to have support of? If they prop him to power, he will not turn against them and bring them to book for looting the country, grabbing productive land illegally, destroying industry and committing crimes against humanity. Zanu has destroyed people's lives, families have been broken up, professions brought to nothing, dreams shattered and everyone made desperate unnecessarily. The church even has not been spared of harassment and torture. If Makoni wins, it will take a miracle for him to dismantle the system of patronage keeping Mugabe in power. To me he is not a messiah to our problems. He might be a good guy, but in the wrong camp.

I would rather vote for Morgan. He might not be a great leader and all, but he will give the country a new beginning that is detached from this Zanu chaos. He will be able to implement reforms without fear of upsetting the fellow comrades. Maybe he is a Moses. He might lead us into our freedom but never partake thereof or lead us therein. Its unfortunate that people like you Mr. Mawere think Morgan is what the controlled Zim media portrays him as. A story told from one source over and over becomes gospel, when the other side is not heard. The media is so controlled such that to form an opinion on anything coming from ZBC or Herald is unfortunate. I will remind you that the 8 years of struggle for us in the MDC have not been spent in vain. A revolution is now won overnight. I will further remind you that the ANC was formed in 1910 and came to power after 80 years of struggle and several leadership changes and splits eve. It took the ANC 48 years to realize they need an armed struggle to win the day, and only came to power 34 years later. I see Zanu akin any other repressive regimes of all descriptions.

Thank you Mutumwa for provoking/initiating debate. We will need this in the New Zimbabwe! But on the lighter note, you and me are cowards because we fled Zimbabwe and are now refugees in foreign lands. I salute all the courageous forces of resistance who are sacrificed daily on the Zanu alters of wickedness and violence, and those who have paid the ultimate price already.

Comments by Mutema (2008-03-04 04:40:06) from Zim

Chuck, thank you. I like your insite into things. Makoni should at least apolgize for his role in destroying the coutry. He wont have that kind of decency. An opportunist indeed trying to reap where he did not sow! He is old wine in a polished old wineskin! We know Mutumwa you will side with anyone who will hand you back your fallen empire -the nationalized farms and companies.

Comments by Limuka Chiremba (2008-03-07 02:36:52) from Zimbabwe

They often say a prophet has no honour in his homeland. One day history will absolve ypou and all that was taken restored. This article will one day be quoted for saying, "Count me in" and "I'm putting my dollar where my mouth is".

Comments by Nja yo Thuvi (2008-03-10 10:35:33) from South Africa

Viva Makoni

Comments by trevor vusi (2008-03-14 03:44:46) from united kingdom

Mawere has to be applauded for creating this forum despite his iniquities.i think people who are responding directly from zimbabwe are well versed with what\'s going on hence they can comment first hand on the Makoni initiative.i find it amazing how the people in \'diaspora\' are quick to want to amass funds for Dr Makoni,half the time without scrutinizing his dear intentions...this guy is vague and voting for him is a bigger risk than voting for tsvangirai.i respect his initiative but we have to know who he really is.where has he been all this time when people have been suffering so much.for me tsvangirai deserves the post of presidency prior to simba because he has showcased his bravery against the mugabe regime.he\'s been there with people through hell and high water.on the other hand simba reminds me of Iago, a villain, in the Shakespear play \'OTHELLO\'.whilst we need immediate change,it is imporatnt as well to regulate our desperation because the next elections are in 4 YEARS!!! for me simba brings up more questions than answers.i am not writing him off but i am only trying to understand him better as a prospective president.why are the guys who are backing him up not coming up in the open?? could we be on the verge of yet another political and economic demise?now is the time to make calculations and not think how people thought when they voted for an independence icon-turned-sabotuer.lets not get carries away by clouds that do not bear any water.before you make up your mind on who to vote consider all facts and possibilities and make sure that takes a lot of time.democracy delivery does not lie in a person\'s academic flair or intellectual prowess but moreso his motives and intentions and history teaches us about such.let us think twice about our decisions before we execute them.

kind regards,


Comments by Lilly (2012-08-02 07:48:49) from SPxGYCKZIYVGmiD

In the company where I work, the boss and the seratecry are both Zimbabwean ex-pats. Actually, the seratecry is one of the members of the Olympic gold medal-winning womens' hockey team. She and the boss both have friends and family still living in Zimbabwe so, naturally, the "election" is being followed with great interest.Unfortunately, even if Mugabe does concede defeat Zimbabwe is effectively gutted. It would take a phenomenal effort on the part of the world community - in the form of aid, etc. - to restore any semblance of normal day to day living. And so far the world hasn't shown much interest in anything going on in Zimbabwe.Dark days ahead, I think.In the meantime, Mugabe will probably relocate to France - the French seem to have an affiliation with deposed dictators - and spend the rest of his miserable existence living off the billions he has bled from Zimbabwe. But then, such is the way of African dictators.On a brighter note; congratulations on being runner up in the S.A. Blog Awards.Also, you may recall I mentioned my lady works in a bookshop, and I asked about the possibility of you being available for a book signing when Silent Predator is released. If that is still in the cards, could you please let me know?Live long and prosper,Crookedpaw

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